Jinzhou Runyu Fertilizer Technology Co., Ltd.



Jinzhou Runyu Fertilizer Technology Co., Ltd. is located at Xiwang Village of Xiaoqiao Town, Jinzhou City. Its size is 11.2 acres. Its total construction area is 16,800 square meters. Its total investment is 35 million yuan. Since the construction, it has maintained year-over-year increases of 87.6-cube-meter methane production and 1,460,000-kilowatt-hour production. It produces 70, 000 tons of compound microbial liquid fertilizer, 696,000 kilograms of agaricus bisporus, 2,000 tons of organic fertilizer, 300,000 kilograms of fish, 600, 000 kilograms of lotus. It irrigates 2,000 acres of farmland. It enjoys has realized zero discharge in its breeding.  It has gained economic benefits in the pollution treatment of breeding. It has got sound development in circular agriculture of planting and breeding. It has solved the technology and funding problems of pollution control in the scale breeding. It has set up a demonstration project for breeding in China.

With “ecology, low carbon, environmental protection and recycling” as its guiding concept, it has realized harmless treatment of the wastes in the farms. The effective utilization of the resources is an important link in the sound cycle model of ecological agriculture including planting, breeding and processing. The comprehensive waste treatment of the farms is vital to realize two strategic objectives -- the reasonable development and utilization of the resources and the ecological environment protection. It is helpful to promote the industrialization and sustainable development of agriculture, realize circular economy and maximize economic benefits.