Runyu Water Soluble Fertilizer (Strengthening Roots)

Current classification:水溶肥(綠桶)

Suitable crops: the solanaceous vegetables like cucumber, eggplant, tomato and hot pepper; the melons like water melon, muskmelon and honeymelon; strawberry; leaf vegetables; the root and tuber crops like ginger, garlic and potato; fruit trees like apple, pe

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1. Improving soil. It helps probiotics multiply, enhances the soil granular structure and retains water and nutrients.

2. Balancing nutrition. It increases the organic matter content in soil and promotes crops to absorb nutrients evenly. 

3. Strengthening the root system. It improves the root growth environment, promotes the growth of fine roots and increase the nutrient uptake rate.

4. Strengthening the plant. It strengthens the crops, enhances their disease resistance and increases their photosynthesis.

5. Helping earlier ripening and increasing yield.  It helps earlier root growth, quicker seedling survival, quicker flowering, higher fruit setting rate and higher yield.

6. Improving quality. It betters the shapes, colors and tastes of the fruits increases the soluble solids content.

7. Being comprehensive in nutrients. It contains adequate amount of med-elements, trace elements, rare elements and PASP.


Application method:

The fertilizer is applied through the irrigation water with 91.05 to 121.4 kg in each acre of the field. During the middle and later periods, it can be increased in amount and it can also be dipped to the root by dig a hole to it.



Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight, rain, children and food. After the package opening, Reseal after opening. The crystalline substance and sediments have no negative effects.




humic acid ≥ 30g/L, amino acid ≥ 20g/L, 200 million PASP probiotics/ml