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Hebei Embellish TheRunYu Technology CO.,LTD produces Runyu microbial rice with biological agent by self-researched patented technology.

No pesticides and fertilizer residues.Soft fragrance, sweet , elasticity and moistening.

Runyu microbial rice products from Paddy Aroma Organic Rice Planting Base in WuchangCity,Heilongjiang Province.Wuchang City is our national famous producing area with the advantages of rich soil, long growth period and natural spring water irrigation,which makes it larruping .

Pesticide residing threatens the lives of mankind. At authorities research,people get difficult and complicated diseases for taking food from pesticide residues regularly.

With the unique inocula of the world ,Runyu company degrades the pesticide residues thoroughly and ensures health and safety. 

Product name : Runyu microbial rice

Manufacture date: See the seal 

Shelf life :Twelve months 

Address:No.166HuaianRoad(East),Yuhua district,Shijiazhuang City Hebei Province

TEL: 0311—85322722

Uniform rice kernels , bright color, mellow, memorable,spreading with fragrance stand for the superior qualities of Wuchang Paddy Aroma. It is also with glossy and flamboyance surface.After tasting , people will feel light and slightly sweet,soft slightly sticky,fragrant and delicious. The leftovers are not too hard to chew is the first choice for common people at dining table . Our Paddy Aroma is an important kind of nutritious good to cook in daily life.