Runyu Microbial Fertilizer

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Runyu microbial fertilizer is a high technological biology product. Through many years’ examination in crops, it has been proved that Runyu microbial fertilizer has its peculiar benefits of resisting continuous cropping, increasing yield, early ripening, solving the problem of soil …

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I. Introduction

Hebei Runyu Fertilizer Technology Co., Ltd. is a high technology enterprise integrating scientific research, production and marketing. To promote the construction of ecological agriculture and ensure the sustainable development of agriculture, it has invented “Runyu microbial fertilizer” through several years of exploration and development. It has got the national patent for the product.


II. Techniques of Runyu microbial fertilizer

This product is made with high biological technology. In the manufacturing process, the microorganisms are cultivated, domesticated, screened, combined, fermented and blended. The effective microorganisms are over 200 million per milliliter. It is mainly composed of bacillus amyloliquefaciens and lactobacillus rhamnosus. It doesn’t contain any harmful and toxic substance. It is safe. It is not harmful to humans, animals and crops. Runyu microbal fertilizer No.1 is of foliar feeding and No.2 is applied to soil.


III. Characteristics

·Resistance to continuous cropping. It is effective in resisting to the diseases caused by continuous cropping like root rot, dead plant, stunting and yield decline.

·Helping earlier ripening and increasing yield. It increases crop yield over 17 percent. It makes crops ripen 7 to 10 days earlier.

·Reducing soil compaction. It betters soil structure, increases the bulk density, the nutrient preserving capability and the water holding capacity.

·Minimizing the pesticide residue and phytotoxicity. It makes the crops safe by meeting the national standards.

·Improving quality. It makes the fruits more vibrant in color, more beautiful in shape and more special in flavor.


IV. Effects

1. Purifying soil. By means of the effective microorganism, Runyu microbial fertilizer activates the elements in the soil, helps plants to absorb nutrients, controls toxic heavy metal, betters the soil structure, improves the crumb structure, and increases the permeability, nutrient preserving capability and the water holding capacity.

2. Minimizing the pesticide residue and phytotoxicity. It is especially effective in reducing the toxic heavy metals and pesticide residue. It is also effective in reliving the phytotoxicity.

3. It increases seedling survival rates by promoting sprouting, rooting, and seedling.

4. It enhances metabolism and photosynthesis. It meets the needs of the plants for nutrients.

5. It promotes cell division and chlorophyll formation in plants. It makes leaves thicker and bigger. It betters the living condition of plants. It is effective in remedying

6. It reduces blossom and fruit drop. It makes the fruits more vibrant in color and more beautiful in shape. It increases yield by 15 to 30 percent. It improves quality, too.
    7. It makes crops ripen 7 to 15 days earlier. With earlier picking, the value of the crops is added.


V. Application methods and cautions

i. Application methods

1. Spraying to the soil. Mix 6.07 to 15.17 kg of the fertilizer with 91.05 kg of water for each acre of the field. Spray it evenly to the soil. Mix them sufficiently and spray them to the soil evenly.  Plough and prepare the field afterwards.

 2. Foliar feeding. During the seedling period, spray the evenly mixed liquid of 30 grams of the fertilizer and 15 kilograms of water to the leaves. After the blossom, spray the evenly mixed liquid of 60 grams of the fertilizer and 15 kilograms of water to the leaves. Spray in every 10 to 15 days. Spray 3 to 4 times all together.


i. Cautions
1. Treat soil before planting so as to remove the soil-borne disease and pesticide residue.

2. Do not apply it together with antibiotic, pesticide, herbicide, disinfectant and bactericide. They should be applied at an interval of 5 to 7 days. Clean the sprayer before applying the fertilizer. Otherwise, the fertilizer will not be effective.

3. Follow the instructions of mixing ratio when spraying to the leaves. The diluted Runyu microbial fertilizer will be most effective in two hours. Keep away from strong sunlight and UV light. It is most effective when applied in the morning or in the evening.

4. Apply it according to the special conditions of crops concerning with the spraying time and amount.

5.  If it is applied to remove the phytotoxicity of pesticides and herbicides, it should be sprayed according to the specific condition of the leaves.


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